Wandering Wonders is Davidís unique take on providing strolling magic at an event. With his engaging approach, David will move through your event, entertaining and amazing small groups at a time.†


Wandering Wonders provides an intimate magical experience for your guests, with the magic taking place right in their hands!


David can be hired for anywhere between one and five hours, and can accommodate from 50 guests to a thousand.† On average, he will spend between 5-10 minutes with each small group, so please consider your number of guests when determining the length of your Wandering Wonders performance.†


Wandering Wonders are also great to combine with Davidís other programs, offering a unique start or end to any magical event.


Available for a variety of private and public functions, including Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahís, Company Picnics, Grand Openings, and celebrations of all variety!


Wandering Wonders is also included in Davidís Festival Packages, great for single or multi day festivals of all varieties.

At Geppiís Entertainment Museum

Photo by Theresa Keil

David shares magic with John Waters!

Photo by Theresa Keil

Photo by Fredde Lieberman

Text Box: Photo by Theresa Keil

The 8x10 Baltimore

Photo by Larry Cohen

VisArts, Rockville, MD